App Trends

App Trends

Globally, time spent in apps grew 50% from 2016 to 2018...

Globally, time spent in apps grew 50% from 2016 to 2018. The five categories with the fastest growing global market share were Video Players and Editors, Entertainment, Photography, Tools and Finance; total time spent in these five categories grew 110% from 2016.

50% of total time spent globally in apps in 2018 was in Social and Communications apps, reaching an astonishing 685+ billion hours, followed by Video Players and Editors at 15% and Games at 10%.


Both time spent per device and global installs grew during this period.


App installations exceeded 195 billion last year, raising $101 billion in revenue.

There was an 18% rise in time spent using mid-core games, enabled by advancements in mobile devices and connectivity, helping to minimiseĀ loading times and lagging issues (Mid-core refers to games generally played to pass the time rather than by players that would describe gaming as a hobby).


2018 also saw growth of 20% in mobile money accounts; people are becoming increasingly confident using mobile to make financial decisions and transactions.

We have also seen emerging app markets grow at staggering rates across the world; Indonesia’s app market grew at the fastest rate (17.6%) with Brazil, Korea, Malaysia and Turkey making up the top five fastest-growing app markets globally.


Time spent in Shopping apps grew to 18 billion hours in 2018, up 45% from 2016 – correlating strongly with the growth in e-commerce sales. By 2021, mobile is expected to account for 75% of all e-commerce transactions.


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