Automotive sector

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

Over the past decade, consumer behaviour has significantly changed. By introducing new technologies not only within the automotive industry but also within the mobile industry, the way how people research their next car purchase has completely changed.

Nowadays, mobile phones play a massive role in everyday life, and most of us would not be able to imagine our life otherwise, or it would be reasonably hard. On average people spend around 2.8 hours on their smartphone every day, which is the main reason why smartphones are such a powerful advertising tool to reach the target audience.

When looking at how people do their research when planning to purchase a new car – mobile phones are used in every step of the purchase, starting from simple research of car models, price comparisons and ending with a search for the specific dealership and its location.

Research has shown that smartphones are the predominant search device used when researching and purchasing a new car. Around 84% of consumers use their mobile to research their next car purchase. But when are they doing that? 27% of car buyers do their research in-between tasks – lunch break, grocery shopping, and when watching TV. More than 32% of car buyers research their future purchase while commuting to work or waiting, and 24% researched something they have heard from others.

Smartphones are with consumers everywhere and throughout the whole process. More than 47% of new car buyers use their smartphones at dealerships to compare prices and specifications elsewhere. Some consumers are so confident using mobile phones that 9% have purchased a car on their mobile device, and 23% say they are likely to do that in future.

Fonemedia is working directly with manufacturers and retailers to drive their sales. As the number of consumers, who turn to mobile phones for researching industry and their future car purchase, is growing, automotive brands are partnering with Fonemedia to use smartphone capabilities in innovative ways to capture consumers’ attention.

By using the behavioural targeting of the mobile handset, we can deliver an awareness of your brand while people are actively researching their next car and influence their customer journey.

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