22ND JUNE 2017


Following lengthy discussions with the ICO, we would like to provide a guide to how this affects the targeted SMS products that Fonemedia provides to its clients:

  • As yet, the PECR guidelines have NOT been formalised and are yet to be agreed by the ICO - Brexit has thrown an element of doubt around the content of what will be included


  • The key to PECR surrounds the way in which a person's data is collected. There has to be a clear opt-in where the end user is very aware of them signing up to receive third-party information. The confusing opt-in / opt-out / tick / untick boxes are no longer acceptable


  • Everyone has the right to opt-out


  • Each outgoing message must have a clear 'brand' - ensuring the end user knows who has sent the message


  • Each outgoing message must have a clear message - no ambiguous statements, no misleading promises or cryptic messages


  • Each outgoing message must have an opt-out mechanism


  • Each data record has an audit trail - we can tell where and when an end user opted-in


  • We must be able to offer an immediate opt-out.

Many of the key data suppliers that we work with are already PECR compliant and have already conducted audits on their data sourcing to ensure that we have data that is of the highest quality.


So what does this mean for your targeted SMS campaigns? In the short term, the volumes of data may not be as high as it has been in the past. But going forward, you can be assured that it's as ethical as it has been over the last 8 years and is perfectly PECR compliant.