When planning a campaign, marketers should be free to focus on the messaging, media and targeted audience, without concerns about the context in which the ad is placed.


Fonemedia recognises the importance of brand safety as a critical concern. Which is why we have developed a trusted whitelist of publishers across our networks in addition to our blacklist, which we apply to each ad we serve; ensuring your ad is not displayed on unsuitable sites or apps.

Our hands-on approach to protecting your brand means that even with the rapid growth in the mobile advertising market, our constant review of brand safety measures keeps your brand reputation protected without compromising reach.


A recent report by Integral Ad Science shows improvements in brand safety year-on-year globally, with the risk factor dropping by one percentage point.


In the UK, the risk factor dropped significantly for mobile web display from 4.2% to 3.5%; globally, this stands at 5.9%.


Interestingly, Italy is the safest market for brands. Japan saw the sharpest reduction in risk across mobile web display; figures almost halved from 12.8% to 6.5%. The report attributes this to recently limited inventory in adult and offensive language categories on programmatic platforms.


Germany's brand risk is higher than the global average primarily due to content related to the alcohol category; regulation in Germany requires only that online ads are not directed to children and adolescents.