Breakfast Briefing – Spitalfields, London

Breakfast Briefing – Spitalfields, London

The Fonemedia team recently hosted a breakfast briefing for our London-based clients at Second Home in Spitalfields.

Over breakfast and a brew, Kathryn, Nic, and Hannah delivered an informal update covering the latest developments in mobile marketing, bringing clients up to speed with the mobile marketing landscape in 2022 and the impact of the pandemic on our industry.

We explained in simple terms how our Experian data partnership works in addition to our understanding of how different generations use mobile and how these both help us inform targeting strategies.

Our briefing ended with a run-through of some of our Rich Media ad formats to give our clients a live example of different creatives we can build to boost engagement.

It was great to catch up with people face-to-face; we hope to do it again soon.

Get in touch to let us know what content would be helpful, whether it’s a refresh of the basics or a deep dive into a specific topic.

The team delivering their talk