Clear, concise call to action is key for a successful campaign

Clear, concise call to action is key for a successful campaign

A clear call to action is key to a successful campaign, whatever your marketing goal is.

What is a CTA, and why is it important?

A call-to-action (CTA) is a phrase that tells your audience what action you want them to take next, so it’s key to ensure this is clear and concise. All campaigns and content should have a well-designed call-to-action to drive engagement. It can invite the user to download a brochure, get in touch or find out more when clicking on your banner and visiting your website.

The best format to encourage engagement with your display advertising banners is a CTA button. You can have excellent imagery, but without a CTA the audience won’t know how to engage with your banner. After choosing the correct format, you must consider picking a colour that resonates well with your brand yet stand out on the background imagery; the best practice is to use contrasting colours.

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What makes a great CTA?

There is no set “rule” on what makes the perfect CTA. However, there are a few aspects that will make your banners stand out more to the audience. When designing your artwork, you need to consider which part of the marketing funnel you are targeting. Using friction words such as Buy/Order/Subscribe in the wrong part of the marketing journey can be off-putting for the audience; people might not be prepared to commit (yet), they will then bounce off without clicking on your banner.

At the top of the funnel, this is especially true, where you goal is to raise awareness of your brand and services, try sticking to action words like Learn more/Find out more/Get started. This will encourage the audience to click on your banner and get to know your services or products. With careful planning and lead nurturing, you can start moving this audience closer to the bottom-of-the-funnel hopefully generating conversions.


The Funnel:

The top-of-the-funnel stage is when the audience is not familiar with your brand and what you offer, so you need to make sure to use personalised call to action phrases to increase engagement with your imagery and boost traffic to your website:

  • Contact us
  • Find out more
  • Get started

In the Middle-of-the-funnel the user is already aware of your services. Now your goal is to form a relationship while presenting the user with valuable information on the solution you provide:

  • Sign up
  • Watch webinar
  • Download a brochure

Although getting the audience to the Bottom-of-the-funnel does not guarantee that they will “convert”, with careful planning of your CTA and the content of your landing page, you will effectively guide the user through the marketing channel.

  • Apply now
  • Book an appointment
  • Buy now
  • CTA is an action you want the audience to take
  • Use a colour contrasting button shape to make your CTA stand out
  • Use the correct phrases for each Marketing Funnel
    • Top-of-the-funnel ⇨ raise awareness
    • Middle-of-the-funnel ⇨ nurture leads
    • Bottom-of-the-funnel ⇨ generate conversions

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