Chatbots are an AI conversation tool, enabling people visiting...

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are an AI conversation tool, enabling people visiting your website to find information faster and more easily. A chatbot can answer questions and direct people to the relevant page or person.

Why use them?

People are much more comfortable asking for information in chat windows than calling a phone number, particularly younger generations. Staffing chat windows can become laborious and expensive, which is why a programmed chatbot is a great alternative. Having a chatbot available to answer questions and direct people to relevant information can be incredibly valuable, especially during high volume times, such as clearing day.

Where have they been used successfully?

Leeds Beckett University used their chatbot “Becky” for the first time during clearing 2017. On clearing day alone, Becky spoke to 127 people, 65 of those conversations were about clearing, the remaining 62 conversations were in relation to term dates, accommodation and the application process. Imagine if instead of speaking to Becky, each of those people would have spent an average of 5 minutes on the phone, that would be approximately 10 hours of staff time used on the phone answering questions easily answered by the chatbot. Becky even offered a prospective student a provisional place on a course after asking for the student’s exam results!

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