Clearing is an integral time of the year for education institutions...

Clearing is an integral time of the year for education institutions – universities and colleges. It allows students to search for available places on courses if they haven’t got a place or if they wish to change the course or university.


Most students will have an idea of how they have done in their exams, and those who think they have not got the grades or could have done better will be thinking about clearing. On average young people spend around 4 hours a day on the mobile internet. Therefore, it is most likely that students will be researching clearing opportunities on their mobile devices. Majority of Gen Z (born in 1995 or later) like targeted ads as they are relevant to them and 52% are frequently engaging with online ads. 84% of UK students use location-based services, 72% organise their university schedules on mobile, and 63% of Gen Z use educational apps on their mobiles.


Fonemedia has multiple products which are suitable for pre-clearing, clearing and post-clearing. Our Pre-Clearing products – Targeted Mobile Display and FreeWall, are aimed at driving awareness of the institution, the opportunities available and the benefits of choosing your University and College. Whereas, our Clearing and Post-Clearing products (Snapshot, Behavioural Push Notifications, Mobile Overlay and Video Display) are aimed at driving direct engagement with your university or college. These products are using behaviours of this unique audience as the basis for each campaign.


Clearing week is the ‘bun-fight’ time of the year with more and more emphasis being paid on getting students through the door. Make sure you don’t miss your opportunity – it is never too early to think about clearing! Contact us for more information.