Education sector

Education sector

Education sector

Find a student who doesn’t have a smartphone, and you have found someone quite unusual. A mobile phone is a life support system that every student has with them 24/7. Students use their smartphones to engage socially, talk and text with family and friends, stream, watch videos, surf the internet and consume more and more media.

On average students spend almost 4 h on their mobile devices every day, and 36% of students say that they are on their phones “all the time”. Most of them (93%) will second screen on mobile while watching TV.

Students are more receptive to mobile advertising than any other demographic group. Because they have grown up in an environment where mobile phones are the norm, they are more accepting of being pitched to via this method than anyone else – 52% are frequently engaging with online ads.

Students are watching around 2.5 times more online video than TV than any other age group, which makes them more receptive to video ads. 54% of students watch short-form videos every day, and 20% are watching longer video content daily.

Clearing is an integral time of the year for our Education clients. Fonemedia helps universities and colleges to engage with students from both the UK and overseas – delivering brand awareness and lead generation.

Most students will have an idea of how they have done in their exams – and those who think they have not got the grades (or could have done better) will be thinking about Clearing.

Besides Clearing, throughout the year we are supporting our Education clients organising Open days and other events. Get in touch to request more information!