Fonemedia Investment Programme

Fonemedia Investment Programme

As the start of a £500,000 investment programme, which will take place over the next twelve months...

As the start of a £500,000 investment programme, which will take place over the next twelve months, we have relocated our head office to a state-of-the-art new location in Yorkshire.

The 2000 sq. ft office gives our team greater space, access to new technology and an eco-friendly environment, aimed at delivering a carbon-neutral approach to the entire business. It also gives us the ability to grow in line with our latest expansion plans.

The remainder of the investment will focus on research and development, training and additional members of staff – with Jake Burton (Campaign Delivery), Dana Elwood (Sales Support), Charlotte Downes and Stephen Lane (Business Development) all joining the company recently. Fonemedia is also embarking on a new branding exercise with redesigned marketing collateral and website.

Fonemedia has seen unprecedented growth over the last 10 years by focusing on the cutting-edge of mobile marketing and engagement and at the start of 2019, we introduced our new company, Woo!Media, which delivers lead generation services across all of the key sectors that they work in.

James Dalton, our Founder and Chief Operating Officer commented “It’s an exciting time for the whole business with the implementation of our growth plans but more importantly it demonstrates our future commitment to our client base and our colleagues within the company. We have always maintained a sensible approach to the way we re-invest profits back into the business which has enabled us to react to market changes quickly and to undertake this ambitious investment programme”.


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