The Importance of Mobile Marketing

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is consistently proving to be one of the most effective and powerful channels for businesses of any size to utilise and generate growth and revenue, signifying the importance of mobile marketing. 78 % of people state they cannot live without their mobile phones.

Mobile Marketing uniquely offers you the ability to connect, communicate and engage with your audience anywhere, instantly. There are over 5 billion mobile phone owners around the globe – get your brand in front of them in a matter of seconds!

2020 has been a year like no other for various reasons. Some we wish to forget, and others remember! One of the positives was the catapult of the digital world with mobile being at the centre of this revolution. The reliance we had on technology to bridge the gap between our family, friends and colleagues became vital. We have seen 10 years’ worth of change in 6 months:

  • 22% increase in mobile usage
  • 20% increase in app usage
  • 25% increase in brand engagement through mobiles
  • More than 50% of worldwide traffic is mobile, with this trend only increasing

Technological advancements have always created new opportunities for marketing. With mobile evolving quicker than any single device in history, the need to respond to the highly competitive environment and accelerated digital adoptions is imperative to drive growth and awareness to your brand. Further demonstrating the importance of mobile marketing.

Seize these opportunities and utilise Fonemedia and harness the extraordinary capabilities of mobile marketing. We ensure our clients receive the greatest mobile advantage by creating advertising platforms which allow us to put your brand directly in the hands of a highly targeted and engaged audience.

To uncover the extraordinary capabilities of the mobile, please get in touch and make mobile a priority!