Improved Behavioural Push Notifications

Improved Behavioural Push Notifications

New Year has just started, but we already have a couple of adjustments...

New Year has just started, but we already have a couple of adjustments and improvements for one of our existing products – Behavioural Push Notifications. It has slightly changed and of course for better!

Our Behavioural Push Notification platform uses a network of widely used mobile apps, publisher sites, and ad exchange networks to deliver push notification creative to live users.

With over 12,000 apps in the current network and with new ones planned to be introduced to the suite in the next 12 months, we can reach up to 20 million people across the UK and even more across the world.

The system is based on location, demographic and behavioural targeting – but with greater presence than many other formats of advertising.

What has been improved?

Previously our Behavioural Push notification inventory has been limited to Android mobile devices and an incredibly small percentage of Apple IOS mobile devices. In addition to this, we were limited to predefined behavioural apps suggesting a specific audience demographics and contextual interest, however, with our new streamlined behavioural push, we will not just be limited to mobile devices or predefined behavioural segments. Instead, we will now be able to send push notifications to users on android mobile devices, tablet, windows desktop devices, IOS desktop devices through our own custom apps and publisher sites bundle. In addition to this, we are now able to offer attribution tracking across our Behavioural Push offering.

How will it benefit you?

The importance and main benefit of this development mean that we will be able to reach a relevant and in-market audience on whatever device or screen they are browsing on with a consistent and clear message. In addition to this with our new attribution targeting, we will get a full view on the quality of the click post engagement, tracking key points of interests such a brochure request, form completions, newsletter sign-ups, etc.

Where it works best?

Behavioural Push Notifications works well within multiple industries. We have been using them for campaigns across our product, housing, recruitment and education sectors, with excellent results in all.

To find out more about Behavioural Push Notifications, visit our Ad Format page!