At Fonemedia one of our main goals is to utilise the best and the latest in mobile technology to achieve results that exceed our clients' expectations!

To achieve this goal, we need to guarantee that we are reaching a genuine human audience. Therefore we have partnered with a Location Sciences - leading location technology vendors within the industry to ensure maximum protection against location-fraudsters and to up-weight our campaigns to premium publisher content. Location Sciences helps to improve the accuracy of where campaigns are landing.  It analyses how ads are performing and how successful they are as well as helps to see if fraudulent data is affecting location-targeted campaigns and what to improve to deliver the most cost-effective campaigns.


Very often, advertisers waste money on location data inventory that is either completely useless or is not contributing to their marketing goals, which can significantly impact sales figures and marketing strategy outcomes. In a shocking research study, it found that only 14% of location-based advertising uses high-quality signals.


More than 42% of all spend on mobile ads uses location data, but around 80% of all location data has poor quality or may not be correct. Here at Fonemedia, we are aiming to deliver the best results possible, and by utilising the latest technology and working together with Location Sciences, we are sure to provide the best possible mobile advertising solutions.