Meaningful Measures – An Alternative to CTR

Meaningful Measures – An Alternative to CTR

Meaningful Measures – An Alternative to CTR

Click-through-rate (CTR) is a ratio showing how often people who see your ad click on it. It can be used to gauge how well your ads are performing, but is it the only and the most reliable way to measure ad performance? As a PPC agency, Fonemedia wants to ensure that it is adding more value to clients’ campaigns and that they are getting out the most of their ads.

But what are the alternative ways to do so?

View Through Rate (VTR)

VTR is the number of completed views of a skippable ad over the number of impressions. Measuring video VTR can be a massive challenge. Most marketers and brands are worried that videos can be considered as being too short. Therefore, they only measure the completed view rates. However, there might be a number of issues with the completed view rate being the main KPI of the campaign.

Completed view rate for 15-second video will be higher than for a 30-second video. To provide the most reliable data to our clients, wherever possible, Fonemedia measures VTR of the first 10 seconds.


We live in a world where users’ attention is a premium commodity. It is easier than ever for any of us to get distracted by the sound of push notification from a messaging app, social media, dog, cat or any of the family members. From the perspective of an advertising agency, it is more important than ever to grab and retain the user’s attention.

Fonemedia is providing different ad placement and format options and it is even advising on artwork submitted to maximise clients’ ROI.

Time in View

Already for some time, it is not enough for an ad to simply “appear” on the publisher’s site. Measuring for how long an ad has been in view and the total time when the campaign was exposed is the metric when evaluating any brand campaign and ad performance. It is incredibly necessary for an ad to spend time in view of the user in order to boost brand recall and conversions later on. The longer ad is being exposed in users view, the higher the chance to be influenced and recalled by the brand.

Attention is what all brands and marketers are seeking these days and time in view, is proven to be used for measuring digital success.

Brand Favourability

We all have brands we feel passionate about and are loyal to, whether you are a fashion, tech, food or book enthusiast. Our passion increases favourability and often lead to recommendations which is very important for advertisers and brands.

Recommendations and favourability can ultimately lead to a repeated purchase and is measured by using post-campaign brand study.


Significant success to the campaign is engagement – the longer the engagement, the greater the likelihood that the brand will be noticed and recalled.

Fonemedia ensures that ad is going to appear within a trusted environment, enjoyed and is relatable to the users’ online behaviour. Therefore, users are likely to notice and trust the ad, which is a compelling combination.

Cost-per-action (CPA)

Finally, Fonemedia measures conversation rate caused by the ad – conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

If you are only concentrating on the CTR and not the quality of the audience behaviour post-click, it will have a significant impact on your ROI. Consider above-mentioned points and will help you to get out the most of your campaigns!

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This article is inspired by IAB.