MMA Global 2019

MMA Global 2019

Our Chief Operating Officer, James, and Technical Manager, Jake, attended...

Our Chief Operating Officer, James, and Technical Manager, Jake, attended the Mobile Marketing Association’s Global Innovate event in Los Angeles earlier this month.


In our blog, we outline some of James and Jakes’ favourite talks and the key findings they took from these.

Christa Carone, President of Group Nine, the no. 1 publisher on mobile in the US, looked ahead to the introduction of 5G and the resulting impact on mobile advertising. Christa argued that 5G will create limitless opportunities for advertisers, and particularly that we will see an increased use of video across all markets. Now is the time to start thinking about your creative output, as standard GIFs will not cut it when the majority of ads feature video/rich media creative.


Daniel Cherry III, Chief Marketing Officer at Activision Blizzard, shared his knowledge of the rapidly expanding world of Esports. The market has boomed, with audiences reaching over 450 million in 2019, creating an incredible opportunity for marketers to engage with people that are traditionally hard to reach. Esports has a considerable fan base of men aged 21-25, who demonstrate consistent brand loyalty habits when advertisers get their messaging right.


Another notable takeaway from the Innovate event was from Bertrand Cocallemen, Global VP at Teads and Jeff Nicholson, Chief Media Officer from VaynerMedia. The pair presented their opinion that chasing metrics is fine as a simple measurement tool, but really you should be chasing engagement via creativity; otherwise, your campaign becomes background noise.

Grant Simmons from Kochava touched on Mobile Ad Fraud, highlighting the importance of maintaining an app and publisher black-list where fraudulent activity is suspected. This is standard practice at Fonemedia, and we are consistently reviewing the measures we take to protect the campaigns we deliver from ad fraud.


Marcelo Galdieri, SVP of Marketing and Brand Operations at National Geographic, delivered a talk on how they use immersive storytelling technologies to connect with audiences. By using creative methods to get across their message, they delight their audience and build brand loyalty and awareness.


Throughout the event, speakers reiterated the importance of creativity. We can use all of the high-tech tools available to us and be incredibly clever with our targeting, but unless our ads are creative and engaging – we will lose attention. In addition to creativity, humour seems to be forgotten in mobile – we always remember ads that make us laugh, so why aren’t we making more of them?


Mobile marketing was seen as the new frontier, and perhaps as marketers and advertisers, we have historically focused on developing and understanding the tech behind what was possible on mobile. Now, as an industry, we’ve reached a point where we are well informed and adaptable to our ever-changing options – we can start to re-look at our creative output and how we excite and entertain our audience again. Let’s capture their imaginations!