Mobile Marketing – Bounce Rates

Mobile Marketing – Bounce Rates

The bounce rate on mobile is 28% higher than desktop, meaning mobile marketers...

The bounce rate on mobile is 28% higher than desktop, meaning mobile marketers need to take extra measures to ensure they deliver their message.

To ensure your target audience does not ‘bounce’ or exit your site after an initial click through from your ad, your site should be mobile optimised and easy to navigate.

Ideally, instead of asking users to navigate your site themselves to the area relevant to your ad, your ad should link directly to your landing page.

The attention span of mobile users is short, we all expect everything in an instant on mobile, so your website should load quickly and present information while being considerate of the user experience. Keep pop-ups to a minimum to avoid losing their interest.

Remember that on mobile, users may have a time limit to their browsing, they may be commuting/travelling and dipping in and out of areas with 4G/3G coverage. They may be on a lunch break from work or waiting for a meeting and checking their phone in that break. So, if you want to get their attention, do it efficiently. Grab their attention and tell them what they need to know as soon as possible.

Your landing pages should be clear and concise. If you want your target audience to take action, make it quick and easy, e.g. if you are advertising a vacancy and your target audience are potential applicants – don’t ask them to complete a long registration of interest or an application form.

42% of job seekers cite lengthy applications as the most frustrating part of the application experience.

Remember, your ad might be the first time they have been made aware of your company/job opportunities, most people will want to do some research before applying. Ask them instead for contact details, to email them with a reminder and more information about the role and link to other relevant pages of interest to the role. This gives them the chance to follow up when they are free to do so.

66% of job seekers would apply via mobile if it were more accessible.