A mobile-first approach has been adopted by product marketers over the last few years and is now central to many strategies for brand, product and sales. The Fonemedia team has a wealth of experience in positioning brands in front of the right audiences, through the most effective channels – giving a highly contextual campaign delivery.

We have worked alongside major retailers, airlines and leisure brands – helping them to reach out to potential customers through the mobile handset.


We're using mobile to help you reach consumers


Each of our mobile advertising formats lends itself to product marketing via different targeting approaches. Our experienced team can guide you on the best approach for your campaign as mobile marketing is best adapted on a case by case basis for the best results. For example:

Targeted Mobile Display

Using Mobile DNA to determine demographic, behavioural and geographical criteria, we are able to serve advertising inventory to an incredibly targeted audience; delivering click-able banner advertising to the right people in the right place and at the right time.

Targeted Mobile Display is ideal for awareness campaigns such as new store openings or offers – as we can target a chosen area, adding a radius to serve to a wide pool of relevant people. Targeted Mobile Display is cost-effective, targeted and accurate. Advertising doesn’t get much better for this.


Behavioural Push Notifications

Using a network of 12,000 apps across all sectors including news, sports, current affairs and games, we can send Behavioural Push Notifications to a wide audience using a range of targeting criteria.

Behavioural Push Notifications can include map locations, images and information about relevant offers, ideal for retailers looking to drive footfall and boost sales. Click through rates for Behavioural Push Notifications range from 5% to 35% depending on the nature of the campaign.


Using Snapshot we can ring-fence locations and collect information about the devices in that location at a given time; for example, we could Snapshot your store or competitors store.

We can then serve an ad directly to those devices either live or at a later date. The ad reaches the devices captured, regardless of their location. Snapshot has proven to deliver impressive results for awareness and promotion campaigns.

of mobile

The Ministry of Mobile is our in-house training centre this resource is available to all of our clients’ teams in addition to their own clients. Increase your understanding and knowledge to put together campaign plans and make recommendations in this rapidly changing market.

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