Research has shown that mobile is the predominant search device used for a new car. 92% of car buyers research online before they buy. Whether people are looking for a specific brand and model or simply searching for ideas, mobile is how most of us now look for information.

Fonemedia works on multiple levels in the automotive sector, working directly with manufacturers and retailers to drive sales (no pun intended).

Consumers are increasingly confident buying on mobile; 6% have now purchased a car on their mobile phone, and 62% say they are likely to do so in future. As a growing number of us turn to our mobiles for this process, automotive brands are partnering with Fonemedia to use mobile devices in innovative ways to capture consumers’ attention.

By using the behavioural targeting capabilities of the mobile handset, we can deliver an awareness of your brand while people are actively researching their next car, influencing their customer journey.

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71% prefer to do all their vehicle research online and go to the dealer for the final transaction

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The Ministry of Mobile is our in-house training centre this resource is available to all of our clients’ teams in addition to their own clients. Increase your understanding and knowledge to put together campaign plans and make recommendations in this rapidly changing market.

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