In a recent Fonemedia survey about the ways that people search for a new career, mobile was revealed as the most prolific method of engaging with new employers. Over 50% of us will turn to our mobiles in the first instance, to find a new opportunity – and this is why our clients are finding that this channel is rapidly becoming the most effective way to drive new talent to their businesses.

The bespoke nature of how we use our mobile enables our team at Fonemedia to reach the most relevant audience for our clients. For example, one of our clients has adopted mobile as a key driver to recruit pilots for their business. Using behavioural targeting which finds those devices with navigation, weather and airport information, we can deliver engagement with a much higher degree of accuracy compared to other digital formats.



88% use their mobile to job seek


Each of our mobile advertising formats lends itself to recruitment marketing via different targeting approaches. Our experienced team can guide you on the best approach for your campaign, as mobile marketing is best adapted on a case by case basis for the best results. For example:

Targeted Mobile Display

Using Mobile DNA to determine demographic, behavioural and geographical criteria, we are able to serve advertising inventory to an incredibly targeted audience; delivering click-able banner advertising to the right people in the right place and at the right time.

This format of advertising allows us to find the right candidates for your campaign and drive them to your careers page. Targeted Mobile Display is cost-effective, targeted and accurate. Advertising doesn’t get much better for this.

Snapshot Display

Using location data, we are able to identify mobile devices at a particular location and at a particular time and serve display advertising to them. This format is an ideal way to reach out to those people who are working in a competitor’s offices or to engage with candidates who are attending a jobs fair or other events. Right people, right place, right time.

Landing Page Ads

Landing Page Ads appear automatically there is no need for an additional click through. This format is ideal for capturing initial interest and prompting potential applicants to complete an application.

of mobile

The Ministry of Mobile is our in-house training centre this resource is available to all of our clients’ teams in addition to their own clients. Increase your understanding and knowledge to put together campaign plans and make recommendations in this rapidly changing market.

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